What’s Omusubikororin Aichi?

Volunteer book readers

Our most important activity is visiting children from abroad and carrying out reading activities.

There are about 9,000 children (as of 2018) who need to learn Japanese in Aichi prefecture, which is the largest number in Japan. Even their abilty in their mother toungue is under-developed so they sometimes have difficulty in learning and communication. The number of support groups are growing but further efforts are still needed.

We think it important for children to develop an interest in reading books from an  early stage of childhood.  Picture books in particular are a great way for children to get started at reading. These reading activities are just getting started and the groups are trying to develop best practices.

We hope that our acitivities will help these children to improve their language abilities and enhance their imagination so they can freely realise their potential.


We visit the places where children from abroad are learning Japanese before entering primary school and read books with them. Children can learn onomatopoeic expressions like ‘nyanya’or ‘fuwa fuwa’ through reading or listening to Japanese

School activities

We visit a school for Brazilian children. Children enjoy physical activities playing with picture books or picture board games. After listening to stories they choose their favorite books to read including many books in Portuguese.
In this way we hope that they will become familiar with Japanese. Besides, we ensure an appropriate balance with their mother toungue Portugese.

Volunteer with us

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